Mining & Resources

Attention to detail and perseverance has been the hallmark of our success in negotiating mining licences approvals, preparing environmental impact studies, securing significant government funding, and leading capital raising, community engagement and media campaigns in Australia and Europe.

Developing mining operations involves addressing many layers of complexity spanning geography, environment, regulation, community sentiment, government, taxation, technology, and labour.

These difficulties can be a challenge to successful company growth, but Pynfall has an enviable record in developing new approaches and navigating planning systems to overcome barriers to entry, diversification or expansion.

We have advised Australian innovative mining start-up companies on government regulatory frameworks and policies and we have connected companies with international investors and technology providers.

We have also developed and implemented Australian and international capital raising campaigns along with successfully developing and shepherding campaigns for multi government grants and major project status.

Good communication needs to be a central pillar of any proposed mining development, and Pynfall leads the way in designing effective community campaigns and mediating successful union negotiations.